Faux Floral Napkin Rings

The front of a napkin ring we made together.

I spent Mother’s Day doing a bit of crafting with ma mère.  She decided that she wanted to make floral napkin rings from orange daisies that she bought at the craft store.

She began by cutting the leaves and stem off with scissors, leaving the small, green shaft/center.

Then, we used fabric glue to attach each flower to existing napkin rings that she doesn’t use anymore.  Ironically, they were flowers, too.

Finally, we hand-sewed the layers of the various petals onto the napkin rings to secure them for use.  (When you cut fake flowers apart from the stems and leaves, the layers of the flower can become loose.  Hand-stitching helps to insure that the flowers will stay put as guests remove their napkins.)

And a view of the back…