Adventures in Landscaping: Ready to Rock This Yard!

It seemed to storm off and on all throughout the day today, so I used the cooler weather as an excuse to head to the stone yard during a break in the rain.

I’m happy to say that after visiting a few different gardening centers and stone shops over the last few weeks, I was finally able to find a great stone that matches the wall rock we used last year to build our terraced garden. It’s a soft tan fieldstone, and I was able to pick and choose each of the stones that I wanted. I have come to realize how important this option is with the high prices of a pallet of stone and all the natural variations among stones.

Since our edging project is a small one — about 21 feet total — buying an entire pallet of stone would have been far too much rock!

After carefully driving home with my load, I hauled half of the stones out of the car, and mon mari was kind enough to dig a shallow trench and place them in a semi-circle for me. We had to stop for the evening, but we will continue to tinker with them and put dirt in between them in the coming days. We also have to dig and complete the lower level.

I just wanted to share that I visited three different places looking for the right stone … I also drove by two additional landscaping retailers to survey the offerings. Each place was a bit different, and the prices varied widely too — this latest home project has been a good lesson in comparison shopping for me, and perseverance!

I wish I had been able to snap a few pictures today, but the weather didn’t cooperate! Maybe I can get a few photos tomorrow!

Happy (although achy) Landscaping!