A Fifth Visit to the Cheese Counter: Cranberry-Studded Delight

Today, I picked up a wedge of this lovely Real Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese with Cranberries at the market.  I honestly had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Even mon mari, who is notoriously picky about cheeses, liked it.  The cheese retails for under $5, which makes it a delicious bargain too!

This cranberry-studded cheese might be one of my new favorites!

The texture of this cheese is firmer than it appears, while still being somewhat crumbly.  It has a base flavor similar to cream cheese or mascarpone cheese, at least to me.  The taste also reminds me of my favorite Greek yogurt blend, which is ironic, because this cheese is supposed to have a bit of sweet honey flavor to it.  (My favorite brand of Greek yogurt comes with honey inside).

I loved the addition of the dried cranberries (apparently, there are also other fruit varieties).  I think I may have to search for those too!

This cheese would be great for a sweet topper on a baguette, as a garnish for a summer salad, or maybe even inside a pastry… I’d love to experiment in the kitchen and try using it as a filling for desserts, appetizers, or breakfast fare.  I did an internet search and found some tasty recipes on the Wensleydale Creamery website: http://www.wensleydale.co.uk/cheeses/recipes/.

The colorful cranberries would also make this cheese a fun addition for a holiday cheeseboard on Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas!