A Gift for My Writing Group…

Ok, this might be the last post I do of these homemade wooden letter magnets, but I’m not promising anything!  Making a set of them is so fun, easy, and obviously, addictive!

Each of the magnets is different -- just like us.

I made a few monogrammed magnets as little gifts to the talented ladies in my writing group.  We’re a varied bunch, and I tried to reflect that in the colors and styles.  I used acrylic paints and colored glitters to decorate the tiles.  Then, I sealed them with a few coats of gloss-finish Mod-Podge.  Add a dab of Superglue on the back to secure a small magnet, and they’re done!

Here is a close-up shot of the magnets. The colors are a little interesting because we were sitting on a patio in the sun. I peel off the back of the sticker of each magnet and leave the adhesive on, then I glue them on the tiles, sticky side down. I think the more stickiness, the better!

In case anyone is curious, the letters come in a package for $1.99 (you may not get all the letters though, the assortment is random) and the square magnets (with adhesive backing) come in a package of 12 for $1.99.  Both items can be found in craft stores.   Be sure to look on the magnet packaging for the strength of the magnet, these were rated 3 and work perfectly!