The Pillow Invasion

I used to be a pillow minimalist. I’m not talking about decorative pillows here (I still have a menagerie of those) but rather, bed pillows.

Why have all those bed pillows? I wondered.

Then I fell ill last winter, and I began sleeping on a small mountain of pillows. As I recovered, the stack of pillows slowly decreased to two, but I couldn’t bring myself to go back to a single pillow. I was a changed woman.

Rightly or wrongly, I feel that my neck pain and headaches have lessened since adding the extra pillow. Of course, I am one of those pillow snobs who buys new bed pillows every year. I could wax poetical about how very few things are well-made anymore, but instead, I’ll just say that when a pillow starts to resemble a misshapen flour sack, it should be tossed out or donated.

Pillows are definitely one of the items for the home where splurging is perfectly acceptable, because the condition of a bed pillow can directly impact the well-being of the sleeper. I myself, prefer a duo of king-sized pillows in soft, cotton cases.

What are your creature-comfort splurges? Are you sleeping on a stack of cottony pillows too?