Crafty April: Packaging Ideas

I think that how a gift is wrapped is just as important as the gift itself, so I paid special attention to all the packaging for the craft items I made for the silent auction this week.

Here are a few of the tags that I made.

I plopped most of the smaller items into tall, clear, cellophane bags that I found in the baking aisle of the craft store.  Then I made tags using different colors, patterns, and thicknesses of card stock.  I used a tag-shaped punch as a shortcut for some of the tags, and cut out the rest by hand.  I also made longer, companion tags that gave the blog a little shout-out in case any of the guests feel like trying out the craft projects themselves.

This is a closer view of the tags. I used a grommet punch to make little holes in the tags and thin ribbon for the bows.

To create the designs for the tags, I used a combination of stamps, computer font print-outs, and monograms.  I stamped on the letters in colored ink — I used purple since it is one of the colors of the event.  I also bought large stamps in my monogram initials and used them on some of the larger, square tags for a classy look.  I signed the tags below the monogram.  This idea would also be cute for a gift tag, especially for a wedding.  Use the first letter of the new last name of the couple for the monogram, and write a short message or the wedding/shower date below the stamped letter.

How fun!