Crafty April: Refillable Cheesecloth Sachets

This craft project is a twist on my earlier post Crafty April: Cheesecloth Potpourri Sachets. I had a bit of cheesecloth left over from the other sachets I made for the silent auction this week, and I thought to myself: why not make a few refillable sachets that can be used over and over again?

Here is one of the refillable sachets. I sewed bows onto the ends of the embroidery floss tie-strings.

These sachets are basically a simple pouch/bag-shape with a running stitch hand-sewn around the edges. At the top, the two strings are pulled tight to close the sachet and tied in a bow. I filled the sachets with the same apple cinnamon potpourri that I used with the first batch of sachets. The pouches can be refilled with any potpourri or dried lavender by untying the strings and pulling the pouch open slightly at the top.

To create the sachets, I cut a large length of cheesecloth and folded it over to make a long rectangle. Then, I added any embellishments like beads, felt, or other sparkles with a regular needle and thread. Just be sure to knot the thread several times so that the knot is large enough so it won’t slip through the weave of the cheesecloth!

I made a clean edge all the way around the sachet by folding any raggedy cheesecloth edges over and toward the inside slightly (and evenly) before sewing. Otherwise, I held the top and bottom edges of cheesecloth together as I sewed. I left a good-sized hole to stuff in the potpourri — the assembly process is very similar to sewing pillows, except that you don’t have to turn the cheesecloth inside out.

To sew the sachets, I used embroidery floss and a yarn needle. This is a good project for bright, springy colors.

Once the sachet is filled with potpourri, tie the ends of the threads to make a bow and trim any excess embroidery thread.  Embellish the thread with beads, buttons or other items using a needle to thread on the items and tying or knotting the embroidery floss at the ends.

These sachets would be a great Mother’s Day gift!