Giant Landscaping Fail

This has been a blogging fail too – I tried to do a quick post, and the entire post was somehow deleted after I thought I published it! Anyway, this past weekend we purchased metal landscape edging for the terraced garden in our front yard. It turned out to be a HUGE mistake.

The landscape edging was very hard to work with — it was difficult to bend, and the ends didn’t line up correctly to connect the various sections, making the edging look haphazard and cheap.

Although we spent about $80 on the edging pieces, I wasn’t pleased with the quality of the product. The edging was too high, and it blocked the view into my flower beds. The metal also seemed to suck all the charm out of our front yard.

We have decided to try stones next, but I’m gathering more inspiration before we go to the rock yard. In the meantime, we returned as much of the metal edging as we could — some of pieces were too misshapen to be returned!

Live and learn, I guess…