Cola, Meet Cake!

I have a friend named Rita who is one of the most talented bakers that I know.  For a party a few months ago, she brought a plate of the most unusual and heavenly cupcakes that were flavored with cocoa and, of all things, Dr. Pepper cola.

A little cola ...

That evening was my first taste of cola cupcakes, and I quickly asked her for the recipe.  Since then, I have begun to experiment with the flavors of regular vs. diet colas, and the amounts of other ingredients like cocoa powder, vanilla, marshmallows, and butter.

Today I baked my first large-scale cola cake to soothe mon mari and I from a particularly trying weekend.  Sometimes chocolate is the best medicine, especially if it’s flavored with the zing of cola!

I didn’t quite capture all the Dr. Pepper flavor that Rita had in her cupcakes, but I am looking forward to more evenings spent toying with the recipe and sampling the chocolatey results!  When I come up with the perfect combination, I will be sure to share it here!

For a tasty frosting, try my chocolate sour cream frosting or use store-bought chocolate frosting from the baking aisle, and flavor it with a splash of cola.