My First Strata: An Introduction

Tomorrow I hope to be enjoying a new dish for brunch: strata. As the title of my post suggests, this is my first time making strata, which seems similar to a savory bread pudding with a creamy egg sauce that the bread soaks up.

I have never eaten strata before, but I was inspired to try making it today by a recipe in the latest edition of the Williams-Sonoma catalog called “Bagel Strata with Sausage & Spring Vegetables.” As far as I can tell, strata is usually made with cubed chunks of bread, but this recipe uses cut-up bagels for the base.

The bagels I used ... all 7 of them.

I have adapted the original recipe to include a few of my favorite ingredients: zesty cheeses, edamame, fennel, fresh and dried herbs, and pearl onions. I decided to keep the mushrooms and sausage in, because mushrooms and sausage make any breakfast better!

I replaced the half-and-half with 2% milk to lighten the recipe a bit, and I used a mixture of plain and “everything”-flavored bagels for the cubes. I approximated that 1 whole bagel = 1 cup of cubes.

I hope that the strata turns out well enough to become a weekend staple, because it sure seems like a great formula for cleaning out the produce drawer and making a tasty meal!

Tonight the bagel cubes will soak, and tomorrow I can bake the strata. I will post my full adaptation of the recipe and photos tomorrow! Wish me luck!