Great Kitchen Tools: The Pepper Mill

I’m a fiend when it comes to freshly ground black peppercorns… I put pepper on everything! Freshly ground pepper is the perfect topper for salads, cheese n’ crackers, steaming popcorn, or watermelon slices. Yes, I really do that.

I may have a pepper problem!

It’s no surprise then, that I adore my pepper mills. I even keep a few out on the sideboard like works of art. Pepper mills are so sculptural these days, they really do have an artistic element to them.

I think it’s important to buy a sturdy pepper mill because of all the churning it will be required to do. I bought one of my favorite models on sale for $25, but there are certainly cheaper and fancier alternatives.

Be sure to test out a few pepper mills to judge the feel and weightiness of different models before buying one. I’ll never forget ogling a great, modern pepper mill in a catalog, and then checking it out later in the store: the pepper mill had hard ridges all over the outside that felt as though they were cutting into my palms every time I turned it! That experience taught me a valuable lesson about functionality, and that looks aren’t everything!

Is there a kitchen gadget that you display out in the open for its form and beauty?