It’s Time for Landscaping… Again

As the rain subsides and the weather begins to warm again, I find myself thinking about landscaping.  We have one small project yet to do to finish off our lawn and front yard gardens: edging.  I have been putting off this project because I am still woefully undecided about what type of material to use.

Last summer and fall, we removed a LARGE tree and re-sodded our lawn (if the weeds that lived there before could be called “grass”).  As part of our landscaping, we built a sort-of terraced garden with two circular beds that cascade over a small hill in our front yard.  Since the flower beds are rounded, I need to use an edging material that can be bent or placed in a semicircular shape or a straight line to follow the curves of the beds.

I am torn between large stones and metal landscape edging.  The large stones would be interesting, (probably more expensive) and I might have to weed around them once they are installed.  It seems like a lot of work to add a little extra character to my yard.  I am also worried that I won’t like the color of the stones, or that it will look “messy.”

The metal edging is supposed to have a “professional appearance” and last for many years.  I have read many customer reviews, and everyone seems satisfied with the brands I’ve looked at.  I worry that the metal might look too sterile, or that the metal will stick out like a sore thumb and be all I can see.

Does anyone have a flower garden edged in stones or metal edging that could give me some tips?  Which material would you use?