Crafty April: Wooden Letter Magnets

This is one of my last projects for the auction I am crafting for this month.  I made a set of magnets from wooden alphabet tiles and painted them with funky designs.

I know so many people who would love these...

To make the magnets unique, I used watered-down acrylic craft paints (similar to the letters in my earlier post, Crafty April: DIY Personalized Pots), and layered the paint thinly to create a “dyed” look.  I created areas of light and dark by pressing two still-wet-with-paint tiles together to create interesting patterns on each.  I especially liked the randomness and surprise of it all.

After 2-3 coats of various shades of purple and white watery paint dried, I embellished each tile with some iridescent, white puff paint dots.

Then, I coated each tile with Mod-Podge, and allowed it to dry.  I finished each tile with a coat of polyurethane for shine.  Finally, I glued small magnets onto the backs.

¤¤  These letter magnets are perfect for a verbose friend, a worthy Scrabble or Words With Friends opponent, or someone with a lackluster refrigerator or office!