The Tale of the Too-Big Tablecloth

That title sounds a bit like a crime novel, but this post is actually about making lemons from lemonade. A few weeks ago, I bought a new tablecloth that I absolutely love. In fact, the first time that I ironed it and completed my table setting, I just sat and looked at it for a half-hour. I blogged about the tablecloth in the post Worldly Table Linens and Stylish Tables in General.

However, there was only one tablecloth like it at the store (I even shopped around to be sure), and it was decidedly too big for my table.

I improvised by using the burgundy cords that came in the tablecloth and napkin packaging to tie each corner into an elegant drape with a bow to hang down 3/4 of the way to the floor.

My tied fabric drapes added a stylish element to my table setting, and although they were meant to solve a problem, they added to the overall appearance of my dining room. I even got several compliments!

To see other uses for tablecloths that run on the too-large side, see my post: The Versatility of a Simple Tablecloth.