Crafty April: Herb Garden Markers

These homemade garden markers made from polymer clay are too clever!

I found this craft project by reading a blog post featured on Freshly Pressed (that I can no longer find in the archives).  That blog post was citing to the original project on the blog Wit & Whistle.

What a fun blog she has!  I was very inspired by her ideas and decided to craft some of these plant markers for the auction event later this month.  You can view her original post (with instructions) by clicking here:  As a side-note: she has some very cute stationery too!

I made the garden markers from light purple and cream-colored clay since our event uses the colors purple and white.  The polymer clay is baked in a low-temperature oven until it firms up.

The packaging of the clay that I purchased recommended 15 minutes of baking time, but I found that 17 minutes created the right firmness/sturdiness for me.  Be sure to explore a bit with your own oven, since each oven is different!

I too, used itty-bitty alphabet stamps from the dollar bins at the craft store.  I also was a bit lazy and left the ends rounded instead of cutting them into points.

Here are the letter stamps. All lower-case.

More of the herb markers...

The only difference in my markers is that I found an old, dried out set of Pantech stamping markers and used the small, stamp end to put leaves and bumble bees on the ends of some of the sticks.  I also used a rubbery flower stamp to make flowers on a few sticks.  I made two sets of 11 herb markers and I am going to try to auction them as sets: a leaf set, and a bumble bee/flower motif set.

Here is the leaf stamp end of one of the markers. There was a bumble bee that I also used.

Here is the flower stamp.

In this shot, I tried to get a close-up of the stamps I used on each end -- here, the flower, and the bee.

For the herb names, I took a cue from my own garden and used the following: basil, chives, cilantro, dill, lavender, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme.

I may even rub a little dirt into the letters to add definition prior to the event, not sure about that though.

Happy Crafting!