Crafty April: Uniquely Ornamental

At the urging of one of my friends, I decided to make some holiday ornaments for the silent auction that I have been crafting for lately.  No, I haven’t taken up glassblowing… by “make” I really mean personalize or “jazz up” plain ornaments I bought at the craft store.

All you need is Mod-Podge or Super Glue, paper or other embellishments, and creativity!

Here is one ornament I made by decoupaging flower cut-outs onto a crackled ornament and painting the petals with glitter:

The best tip for making ornaments like these is to use an egg carton to hold the ornaments as they dry.  Most common ornament shapes (round, oval, etc.) will be able to perch gently in, or between, the cavities.  The carton keeps the ornaments from breaking, and protects them, while preventing smudging and rolling!  You can either use an egg carton left over from a week’s worth of breakfasts, or buy a plastic one at the store — probably in the Easter clearance bin!