Crafty April: DIY Personalized Pots

As part of my crafting work for the auction event that I’m preparing for, I customized a few store-bought pots to add to the items for sale.  The pots can be used for a windowsill garden or even outside because of the materials I used.  Here is one example:

This one says "Herbs."

To make the pots, I watered down outdoor, acrylic craft paints and made a design on each alphabet tile.  I watered down the paint so that the letters were visible, because the paint is too thick to see through straight from the bottle!

For this pot, I added a coat of green glitter to the letters.  Then, I sealed them with outdoor Mod-Podge.  Next, I gave the tiles a final coat of outdoor, clear-coat sealant – called urethane (an outdoor version of polyurethane).  Finally, I super-glued the tiles onto each pot, holding them firmly in place until the glue formed a bond.

I have a few other designs too — I may post those later this week!