Place Mat Table Runner, Part I

I was so pleased with look of my exotic elephant table linens today that I dashed back to the store to purchase the matching runner for everyday use … but someone had bought it, and there were none left. What to do?

As I walked down the aisle, I noticed that there was a package of four matching place mats still available, but it was the only one left in stock.

I decided to buy the place mats and try to sew (which for me, means hand-sew), a custom runner out of them. I am still trying to plan what the runner will look like — whether I should use three place mats, or four, and if I should add beads or other dangles at the edges.

I hope that sewing the place mats together will yield a cohesive-looking runner. Has anyone ever done a project like this before?

Stay tuned for my progress!