So Long, Tomato Dream

Each year, I eagerly buy a slew of flowers, several herbs, and a few tomato plants at the local nursery for seasonal gardening.  Then, I cheerily drive home, humming excitedly as I think about getting in the dirt once again and magically transforming my flower beds and backyard container garden into an inviting oasis of green.

Two weeks ago, I bought lavender, mint, thyme, flat leaf parsley, and dill.  I also bought a tomato plant, but just one.  My rationale was that even though our weather has been unseasonably warm and summer-like, I wanted to be sure that the end of March didn’t bring any weird cold snaps that might kill my tomato crop.  I planned to return to the nursery for more tomatoes in April.

When I got the plants home, I happily planted them or potted them with fertilizer and watered them lovingly.  But as I went to pot the tomato plant, I noticed that the plant I bought had been incorrectly labeled by the nursery, and I had actually gotten the wrong variety.  Instead of the beefy tomato plant that I thought I was purchasing, I wound up with a small grape tomato variety that I unsuccessfully tried to grow last year.

For illustrative purposes, here is the entirety of my tomato crop from 2011.  I wish I was joking.

This photo is not to scale. These tomatoes look larger, but they are actually grape tomatoes, and there are only two of them.

It has been two weeks now, and my tomato plant is dead.  Sagging over and browning, dead.  Perhaps the universe was sending me a sign when I came home with the wrong type of tomato.

Gardening fail.

I think I’ll just count this as a lesson learned, and buy my tomatoes from the farmer’s market this year!