Place Card Primer: Lovely Little Lambs

If you happened by the blog yesterday, I wrote about the lack of lamb decor for Spring, the post was called Where Are The Lambs?

I just adore these furry little creatures, so I made a set of lamb place cards from colored craft paper.

I drew each lamb freehand on white paper using a big exaggerated cloud-shape, and then added stumpy legs and feet and cut the shapes. Next, I cut out black roundish heads for each one from polka-dotted paper, and two little ears from a gray, zebra striped paper.

I glued all the pieces onto the body with a glue stick and colored in the legs in with black marker.   As a finishing touch, a small, adhesive ribbon bow (like the one pictured by Martha Stewart) could be added, but tiny paper bell cut-outs would be cute too!

I love that each lamb is different, much like people. If you make a set of lambs yourself, be sure to give them lots of personality!  These place cards can be used with any holder, or just set them on a plate, folded napkin, or prop each one up against a water glass.

I didn’t write names on these, because I am giving them away as a gift…

Happy Crafting!