Holy Mole!

This evening, I planned to try mole (pronounced moh-lay), and blog about it here. If you have never tried mole, it is a reddish-brown Mexican sauce known for its many ingredients, including chocolate. The mole poblano that I tried was served alongside grilled chicken and flour tortillas.

Before I elaborate on why this post is called Holy Mole!,” I should say that the mole was quite good. It had an autumnal flavor that is a bit hard to describe. The ingredients I tasted the most were the cinnamon, chocolate, chili peppers, and chipotle, but the sauce wasn’t sweet. The spices definitely came through, but mole is not spicy-hot. If you remove the chocolate flavor, it reminded me of the sauce I made for my fruity pork loin.

Mole smells like a spiced fall candle, and is quite fragrant. It has a consistency similar to chocolate fondue.

I would probably order mole again, but I’m very glad that I ordered it on the side, so I could adjust the amount of sauce I put on my tacos.

You may be asking yourself: where’s the photo?

Well, I tried to take a picture of the mole while sitting at our table, and in the process, I knocked the bowl of sauce into my lapmole everywhere!

As I previously mentioned, mole is brown, and looks like a slightly reddish version of chocolate sauce. The mole dripped all over my clothes and onto the booth where we were sitting. I even got mole on the floor!

After thoroughly embarrassing myself in the restaurant, and cleaning up the mess enough so I could sit through the car ride home, I had no photo to show for my shame.

Needless to say, mole made quite an impression on me!