Great Kitchen Tools: The Mini Tongs

These mini tongs are by Progressive, and I bought them for less than $5. There are other shapes available -- look for them in stores.

Last year, I bought these rounded mini tongs, and I think I have used them for nearly every party I’ve held since.  I love how versatile they are!

This particular shape of tongs is meant to hold olives, but they can also be used as a serving utensil for a tray of mini meatballs, baklava bites, chocolate truffles, cheese cubes, or other small treats.  As a hostess, I have used these rounded tongs to fish out ice cubes for drinks, sugar cubes from the sugar bowl for sweetened teas, and for wrangling vegetable sides like steamed asparagus spears which can be difficult to serve with more traditional utensils.

Well worth the price, I’d say!