Madame Verte’s Easter Basket Picks — For Grown Ups

Bunnies like gifts, especially carrots.

With the Easter holiday still a few weeks away, I have been thinking pastels, bunnies, eggs, lambs, and candies lately.  Which also brings me to the subject of Easter baskets.

Usually mon mari and I decorate baskets for each other filled with candies, gum, notes, and trinkets, but if I were to have a bigger budget (and a bigger basket!) here are some things I would hope for:

1) Round Serving Tray — Last year Crate&Barrel carried a similar tray in lime green, orange, and purple. I secretly wanted to buy the purple one, but I restrained myself. Although the trays (or a similar version) are back this year, the vibrant purple hue is nowhere to be found. Maybe they will bring it back later in the season??

The current trays come in blue and lime green.

Uses: I would use this tray on a coffee table or console table to display magazines, candles, remotes, and my reading glasses. This would also be a great tea tray for a garden party or the base for a fun centerpiece.

2) His and Hers Pillows — these pillows from Ballard Designs are just for fun, but I love how cute and casual they look.

Uses:  This pillow duo would be a fluffy addition for a seating area to designate your favorite reading spot from your partner’s, or these could be extra pillows for the master bedroom.

In fact, these pillows wouldn’t be that hard to make…. hmm….

3) Elephant Watering Can — I’m in need of a new watering can, and this little elephant can from Ace Hardware is so cute and affordable, who could resist? Apparently, he only holds two quarts, but what a fun way to water my herb pots!

Uses: This small watering can is a space-saving option for watering house plants and patio pots.

4) Hanging Label Holders — these metal label holders from Ballard Designs would be perfect for organizing just about anything, especially for someone like me who dreams of owning a label maker.

Uses: When I saw these charming label holders, I immediately thought of using them for place cards, of course! Are you really surprised? These metal tags would be a good accent piece to tie around a napkin or the stem of a wine glass so each guest feels extra special. I love that you can make your own labels and swap out the ribbon to suit the occasion.

5) Mosaic House Numbers — I came across these beautiful mosaic house numbers while browsing on Etsy, and I thought they were so eye-catching. I could sit and stare at them for a while and get lost in all the colors. I also like these house numbers (in all my favorite colors) by the same shop, WiseCrackinMosaics.

Uses: Obviously, these serve a practical purpose as house numbers, but I would argue that they’re also a work of art. I definitely want to learn stained glass and mosaics now!

6) Unique Porcelain Bayou Rain Measuring Spoons — as a home cook and baker, I feel as though I really need these porcelain measuring spoons. Surely, no one else will have a set like this one from Mudaliscious Clay Art Studio and Supply on Etsy.

Uses: Cooking, baking, and spontaneous meals would be more fun with colorful tools like these! I love the other designs too, especially the Chinese Appetizer Spoons and Pistachio Green Salt and Pepper Shakers!

Might have to persuade the Easter Bunny to buy those for me!