Easy, Unconventional Coasters

As with many decorative objects around my home, I switch out the coasters in my living room with the seasons. Two of my favorite things to use as coasters are metal candle plates and shallow candy dishes.

I have a round, faux bronze plate that has a snakeskin pattern on it on my bedside table. Over the years, the bronze has developed a great patina from the combination of wear and condensation. Another favorite is a shimmery, raised metal leaf plate in my living room – I love that the look of it is so unexpected, and yet perfect to hold a glass or can of soda.

At Christmastime, I use a ceramic candy dish with snowmen perched on the edge to set drinks on. Luckily enough, the dish is slightly bowl-like in shape, and the condensation doesn’t make the dish “stick” to drink glasses.

If I decide to use the dish for candies or a candle plate for holding a pillar candle, I just give my ‘coaster’ a quick wipe down and it’s ready for a more traditional use!