Festively Green Napkin Rings

Whether you find yourself celebrating St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, or you just want to add a bit of green to your next supper or Springtime fête, these embellished napkin rings allow for lots of personalization with minimal effort.

I thought a few of these buttons looked kind of like clovers.

I take plain napkin rings of any kind (this particular set is metal, but you could also use thin wooden bands or thin cloth varieties), and I use jewelry wire and charms, buttons, or beads strung on the wire to create quick, distinctive napkin rings for any occasion.  Twist each end of the wire strand around the napkin rings, and tuck the sharp edges under to complete each ring.

I left one metal ring in this set undecorated so that you readers can see the size of the ring I used, and its thickness.

Here is a good shot of the empty ring alongside the rest of the set that I made.

I did a previous version of these napkin rings around Valentine’s Day … check out my earlier post, DIY Valentine-Themed Napkin Rings, for further reading.