New Layout?

As Ma Petite Maison Verte continues to grow and develop, I have been thinking about making a few changes to the layout of the blog. The thing that I like best about the theme I chose for this blog is the newsletter-like format. I also like that fact that visitors can easily read multiple stories without having to scroll down forever, as in many single-column or single-column-with-sidebars types of layouts.

I would like to feature more graphics and photos in my posts, but it has been a slow process to learn how to take better photos and train myself with photo editing. It is my goal to eventually have an image with every post. I am also considering an investment in custom fonts to make some of the content stand out more – mainly the sidebar information.

Finally, I have been thinking about revamping the look of the various pages of Ma Petite Maison Verte: About, Culinary Bucket List, Old Posts, and Resources.

Dear Readers: I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions… Please post a comment and tell me if I should make some of the aforementioned layout changes, or leave the blog the way it is!