In Defense of Books…

I love books. I know that I’ve said that before, but if you come to my home, you will see them in almost every room. I have a wide variety of genres too: classics, instructional books, cookbooks … I use books for entertainment, escapism, and to decorate my home.

I was in a professional meeting last month wherein we discussed whether students nowadays prefer digital books to hard copies.  All the individuals in the group agreed that most students would prefer to have schoolbooks on their iPads and, let’s not forget, it’s green, too!  Well, I am all for greener living, but I must protest!

It upsets me to untold volumes (no pun intended) to think that future generations won’t experience libraries in the same way that I did, or that bound books as learning tools in education will be phased out. Newspapers are already experiencing this death-by-innovation.

Traditional books are so much more than mere information, they are historical, and they have personality — you can’t thumb through worn, crinkly pages, smell the binding, read the notes in the margins, and see a heartfelt inscription on the glowing screen of a tablet reader.  All I get from sitting down with a novel on a tablet reader, is a migraine.

I know, I sound harsh, but surely I’m not the only bibliophile who groans inwardly at a Kindle commercial?  What are your thoughts?

Getting off my soapbox now…

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