Quick Tip: Storing Kitchen Towels Within Reach

When I’m in the kitchen whipping up a dessert or a tasty supper, I like to keep a few soft, kitchen towels close for spills or wiping my hands. I learned this storage tip from two people close to me: a friend and a relative, and now I’m sharing it here. In fact, it’s so simple, many of you may be doing it already!

To store kitchen towels near you while preparing food, drape them over and through a u-shaped handle-style drawer pull. The hole in the middle of the drawer pull allows the towel to hang within reach and you can pull the towel to even it out for a tidy look.

A good substitute for a u-shaped handle-style drawer pull is a magnetic clip. The clips are available in home stores and bargain bins for as little as a dollar. Attach the clip to the towel and stick it to the refrigerator or the oven to use as you work.