Chronicling Cocktails: The Black Cherry Mojito

I’ve had a few good mojitos and plenty of bad mojitos, but I’m undecided on the black cherry mojito.  It’s the kind of cocktail that has a lot of potential, but can fail in the execution.  I tried my first black cherry mojito tonight, and it was chock full of white rum, sparkling water, muddled mint leaves, and black cherry syrup.  I could also discern the tiniest bit of lime amongst all the other flavors.

It tasted like a dangerous lollipop — the kind of drink that hits you slowly, because the alcohol is lurking there, masked by the sweet flavor of cherries.  It was strangely refreshing, but yet, it also reminded me of cough syrup.  Maybe halved black cherries and sugar would’ve been a better substitute for the cherry syrup component!

I’ve spent a few days on vacation lately, and I’ve seen some delicious mojitos which have motivated me to search for a muddler and buy a mint plant this Spring to experiment with my own combinations.  Perhaps I’ll begin schooling myself in mojitos next month when the focus will be on all things green