A Fourth Visit to the Cheese Counter: Feeling Blue

This week, I happened to notice a few varieties of blue cheese at the cheese-monger’s counter in my market.  I just couldn’t resist taking two hunks home to sample.

These are the results:

1) Cambozola — this is a wonderfully rich blue-veined cheese.  Ironically enough, I remarked to the cheese-monger that it looked “like a blue version of Brie,” only to find out that it is sometimes called that! It has a moldy rind similar to Brie, and the same creamy consistency with the flavor of Camembert and Gorgonzola, hence the name?

I think this will be going on my cheese platter permanently.  I would serve it with grapes and on slices of crusty baguette for a quick snack or appetizer.  Melt the cheese a bit under the broiler, and I’m in heaven!

2) Salemville Smokehaus Blue — this is a classic, crumbly blue cheese.  It would be a great topper for steaks or salads and as a garnish to spicy chicken wings.  This would also be delicious in a quiche or as a topper for a baked potato.  Yum!