Decorative Thumbtacks

I was initially inspired to create my own thumbtacks last year when I found a bunch of colored buttons.  I have since learned that homemade decorative thumbtacks can be made of virtually anything, as long a concave button serves as the base.

For my custom thumbtacks I used:

  • concave buttons, or buttons with a inverted side where the top of a domed thumbtack will fit right in
  • decorative charms (like the gold leaf in the picture)
  • super glue or another very strong glue
  • plain, gold thumbtacks


Turn the buttons over so that the concave side is facing up.

Put a dab of glue on the thumbtack.

Glue a button to the thumbtack by pressing button and thumbtack firmly together for about one minute.

Here you can see the layers.

Allow to dry and then glue a charm or other embellishment on top of the button, covering it fully.

Repeat the steps to make additional thumbtacks.

Allow to the glue to dry thoroughly before using the thumbtacks on a bulletin board.