Conversation Heart Ornament

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I made a conversation heart ornament from colored felt and red thread to mimic the sentiments on the tiny candies.  I used yellow, but other conversation heart colors are pastel orange, lavender, white, mint green, and pink.

Conversation Heart Ornament

You will need:

→  one sheet of colored felt and coordinating thread color (ie: yellow felt and golden thread)

→  red thread or embroidery floss and a needle


→  ribbon or additional thread to hang the ornament

Optional: stuffing (I chose not to stuff mine, but they would look equally cute stuffed, I think.)


Use your scissors to cut two hearts from a piece of folded colored felt.  If you fold the felt over first, the hearts will match when they are cut out.

Take the needle and red thread and stitch on your Valentine sentiment.  I did a basic “I ♥ U.”  You can stitch the letters so that they look solid, or put little gaps in the stitching, as I did.

Once you have finished the red lettering, stitch the two hearts together with coordinating thread, leaving a little gap at the top for the ribbon or thread to hang the ornament.  Make a loop with the ribbon or thread you have chosen and knot the ends.  Sew the loop into the gap in the seam in the center of the heart.  See photo.

Another view.

Hang on a tree or from a doorknob or hook for holiday charm!