Waste Not, Want Not

The surfaces in my home office tend to get a little crowded sometimes. This is due to the fact that I usually keep a lot of old paper and packaging for use in crafting and gifting.

It is easy to recycle paper items like envelopes or cards to make quick gift tags. Just invest in a craft punch of any sizable shape — if you don’t have a craft punch, draw a template and use it to trace the shape onto your recycled paper, then cut the tag from the paper with scissors. I especially like colored envelopes for gift tags. I cut off the front part with the address information, and portion the remaining envelope piece into scraps for tags.

I am also guilty of stockpiling scraps of ribbon and ready-made bows. If I buy a set of hand towels tied together with a length of grosgrain ribbon, I keep the ribbon and store it in a bin near my wrapping papers. If the ribbon already has a pretty bow that I don’t have to untie… even better! I can slip the ribbon and bow around a book, or use it to decorate a bottle of wine for a last-minute party gift. I love little tricks that save me time and money!

As far as packaging goes, I often keep small boxes, particularly boxes that once contained bar soap. The boxes tend to have beautiful designs and embellishments, and they make my gifts smell great! I also like to use them to store small crafting supplies.

Do you tend to hold on to paper or packaging? How do you use it?