Edible Valentines — Conversation Heart Cards

Where are the white ones nowadays? They were my favorites!

I am sure that I am not the first person to create a Valentine from these, but it wouldn’t be February without me buying a bag or two of conversation hearts.  When I was younger, and mon mari and I were dating, I would make him edible Valentines every year out of conversation hearts.

I would start by making a large heart with cardboard or different colors of layered paper and compose a message on the top.  Most of the words in my Valentines were made from conversation hearts, so the language was especially sappy!  I usually wrote the Valentines in red pen or marker to mimic the writing on the candies.

Then, I would lovingly lay it all out on the table or his desk for him to discover when he got home!

If you don’t care about eating the hearts, use a tiny drop of glue to fasten each conversation heart to the card.