DIY XOXO Tic-Tac-Toe Valentine

I usually sign letters and notes with “XOXO.”  Just view my About page and you’ll see this is true.

I have been busy preparing for the approaching holiday of Valentine’s Day, and the symbols “XOXO” got me thinking about the children’s game of tic-tac-toe, so I combined the two for this whimsical Valentine!

To package it up, simply wrap it in a large square of clear plastic wrap and fold the corners in.  Tie the corners together with ribbon or twine in a bow… a gift tag could even be attached!  See my earlier post, Love Tags, for ideas.

DIY XOXO Tic-Tac-Toe Valentine


♥  one large square of card stock

♥  assorted colors of card stock and craft paper (I used a Valentine-themed palette: reds, white, pinks, and burgundy)

♥  glue stick

♥  scissors

♥  black pen

♥  ruler

♥  scratch paper or cardboard


Begin by drawing a grid with nine squares on the large square of card stock with a black pen and ruler to make the game board.  After I drew the lines, I zig-zagged back over them with the pen to make them stick out more.  You could also glue lengths of ribbon down to make the grid.

I made the middle row of squares a little bigger because the Valentine message goes in the center square.  I wrote: “In the game of love… I’ve already won!  Be my Valentine?” but you can write whatever you like!

This is the game board.

This is a close-up of the center square.

Next, draw an “X” shape and an “O” shape on scratch paper or cardboard to use as templates.  To determine the size of the “X’s” and “O’s,” use one of the smaller grid squares as a guide.  Cut the templates out.  You can see by looking at my templates, that it might take a little bit of drawing to get the shapes right.

Here are my templates.

Use the templates to cut out 5 “X” shapes, and 5 “O” shapes.  This is the maximum number of pieces needed for each player to play tic-tac-toe.

If X goes first, he will use 5 pieces and O will use 4 pieces.  If O goes first, he will use 5 pieces, and X will use 4 pieces.

Cut out the shapes and glue them onto contrasting colors of paper, if desired.  Cut out the final shape after layering each piece (I layered each game piece twice on different colors of paper, for a total of three colors).  Glue little paper hearts into the center of each “O.”

Here are all the pieces. When playing a game, one piece will not be used.

Now the game is ready to be played!  Enjoy!