Customizable Tea Bags

Here is an easy way to customize a tea bag, and add a little personal-li-tea!

These tea bags would make fun place cards perched in cups or mugs with the label hanging over the rim for a brunch, lunch, or sushi party where green tea is on the menu.  The tea bags are also a clever homemade gift and can be used as affordable wedding favors or as a souvenir from a big event — just wrap each tea bag in clear plastic and decorate with a bow!

To make a customized tea bag, you will need:

  • One sachet of your favorite bagged tea, paper label attached (it is easy to make a tea bag from a scrap of cheesecloth if you prefer loose teas)
  • Scissors (and/or a craft scissors to make a scalloped edge)
  • Stapler with staples
  • Colored paper or card stock
  • Glue stick or similar adhesive
  • Monogram stickers or other embellishments


Begin by unwinding and removing the existing tag on the tea bag with a quick snip of the scissors.  Leave the thread.

This is what the tea bag looks like when the paper tag is removed.

Cut two identical shapes from the paper; one for the front, and one for the back.  Use a scalloped edge if you like.  I made two squares for simplicity.  Some other shapes to try would be a heart, a diamond, a circle, a star, a moon, or a flower.

Here are the two squares. I used a patterned black and white paper and made a scalloped edge as I cut around with my craft scissors.

Glue the shapes (squares) to one another.

Carefully glue the two squares together. You could also sandwich the string in between and staple, but I wanted a smooth, new label.

Place the thread of the tea bag onto the back side of the shape you have made.

Attach the thread to the paper with a staple and tie a double knot to secure the thread so that it doesn’t slip through the staple!  Cut any excess thread.

This is the string just stapled on.

This is the knot that secures the string.

Snip, snip!

Here is the front of the square. See the staple?

A closer view...

Embellish the paper tag with a monogram or other accents.

Add letters or words to the label to make your own personalized tag. Here, I used a jeweled letter "Q."

A tea bag unlike any other.