DIY Decorative Picks for Houseplants

Perhaps I was thinking a little too long about wooden skewers yesterday, but I started coming up with other ideas to use up a large package of skewers I initially bought for grilled kabobs that seems to lurk permanently in my kitchen drawer.

I bought a small, ivy topiary at the market last week in hopes that a houseplant would add some much-needed green to my living room. The topiary looks like, well, a topiary, but it isn’t festive enough for me.

So, I thought I would make a DIY decorative pick from a wooden skewer or lollipop stick, glue dots or tape, scissors, and craft paper. There are so many colors and designs of craft paper available, it is easy to match any décor!

These are a few sheets of pink, patterned card stock that I happened to have around the house.

Use the scissors to cut two identical shapes from craft paper, like two hearts, two circles, two stars … One easy way to cut identical shapes is to lay one piece of paper directly over another piece of paper and cut through both layers with a scissors, or fold the paper in half, and cut.  For extra detail, use a special craft scissors with a scalloped edge.

Here are two pink hearts cut out from paper for the smaller pick.

For the larger heart pick, I cut out several hearts in various shapes: two hearts of equal size to stagger over each other in the front, one large heart that is the same size as the back of the two identical hearts when they are glued on top of each other for a shadow effect, and a small heart for the center.

Place one paper shape on a flat surface with the plain side facing up. Put a wooden skewer or lollipop stick on top of the paper shape about halfway to the top border of the shape.

Secure the remaining paper cut-out to the base paper shape with glue dots (these are small adhesives that can be found in art or craft stores), being careful to hold the wooden skewer or lollipop stick in place. A few pieces of tape can be used in place of the glue dots.

I'll confess, I'm not very adept with these mini glue dots -- they stick to everything!!

Press the paper pieces firmly together at the edges to secure them.

Here is the smaller pink heart with the paper shapes stuck together. After this step, you can glue on smaller hearts, or other accents.

Finally, push the stick into the soil around a potted houseplant.  That’s decorating on the cheap!

The finished picks.

It might be fun to paint the sticks too -- if you have extra time!

** These picks would be a clever gift tag if the houseplant is intended as a present.