A Weekend with a Side of Nostalgia

For the past few days, I have been sifting through old papers, photos, notes, and momentos from years gone by. My smiling, younger, thinner self has been staring back at me, and it has made me nostalgic.

This is the time of year when folks are still in pursuit of New Year’s resolutions, before February dawns and old habits begin to creep back in. When the year is full of promise — twelve months stretched out in a long parade of working, holidays, and social engagements. The winter holiday hustle and bustle is a fading memory, and Spring is around the corner.

It seems like the perfect time for reflection — even Janus, the Roman god for whom January is named, looks forwards and backwards. But even as I look back on the past and all the wonderful memories that I have been compiling, I am even more hopeful for the future.

In years past, I could never have imagined the life that I have now: a beautiful family that I am so proud of, and a relatively new blog that gives me joy and discipline each day. I would never have thought in my youth that I would still be writing today, albeit in a different format.

I can’t promise that I’ll be able to keep my commitment to post daily on one of my topics once I have reached the one-year mark in May 2012, but I will always keep writing. I love the catharsis of writing, and the feedback I get from others. There isn’t much that we humans can control in life, but it’s nice to know that I can send thoughts and inspirations out into the world daily from my little corner of the web.

To see how far I’ve come in a few short months since this blog began in May 2011, please view my annual report via the following link: http://www.mapetitemaisonverte.com/2011/annual-report/