Belly Up to the Oatmeal Bar

I am planning to host a few brunches and special breakfasts in the next month, and I was trying to think of a fun and interactive way to incorporate healthier eating into the morning meal. I came up with the idea of making an oatmeal bar.

My oatmeal bar would feature several portions of old-fashioned or steel-cut oats already prepared and still hot in a large serving dish.

Guests could spoon their oatmeal into colorful, stacked bowls, and then choose from a variety of toppings: fresh fruit, chopped nuts, dried fruit, or mix-ins like brown sugar and peanut butter. I would also provide butter, white sugar, a variety of spices like ground cinnamon and nutmeg, and milk.

I think it would be fun to roll up a set of cloth napkins and tie a spoon to each one with twine or ribbon. The napkins could be at the end of the oatmeal bar, all ready for guests to pick up.

Now that sounds like a good breakfast!