It’s the Jam… I Mean, Preserves…

Today I bought this set of gourmet preserves by Mrs. Bridges to use in entertaining.  I was attracted to them because of the flavors and the tiny glass jars, which I plan to use for storing craft supplies once the contents have been eaten!

I can’t wait to sample the pineapple and ginger…

One of my favorite go-to appetizers for a dinner party is whipped cream cheese topped with a generous dollop of jam or preserves served with crackers.  Any flavor will do, but I prefer chunkier varieties of preserves and jams because I like to see what I’m eating.

I like to put the fruity or savory cream cheese in a decorative dish with a cute spreader, and arrange the crackers alongside in a basket.  Add a few cocktail napkins and I’m done!

While my guests nosh, I’m enjoying my first glass of wine.  And, the spread can be made shortly before the guests arrive — hostess trick!