Monogrammed Ornament/Door Hanger

I was initially going to use this idea to make personalized Christmas ornaments last month, but time got away from me.  These felt letters can be hung on doorknobs, hooks, bedposts, and memo boards to customize living spaces with a colorful monogram.  If you’re not a fan of letters, use a simple shape like a heart or a star.  Greek letters could also be used.

In addition to personalizing spaces, several of these DIY letters can be strung together to make a festive, fun banner, like: “Happy Birthday!” or “Welcome.”

Monogrammed Ornament/Door Hanger

♦  computer with word processing or similar program connected to a printer with ink
♦  white computer paper
♦  scissors
♦  pins
♦  colored felt pieces
♦  needle and thread, or embroidery floss
♦  ribbon or ribbons, cut in desired lengths
♦  accents like buttons, beads, rhinestones, or patches
Optional: filler, such as thin cardboard cut into the shape of the letter, or fiber-fill or cotton balls to stuff the felt letter for a fuller appearance before sewing it closed

Begin by selecting a font in a word processing program.  For the “G” seen here, I used a font called “DirtyDarren” from  Keep in mind that you will be sewing around the letter, so rounded fonts where all lines meet to form the letter work best.

This is the letter I printed and cut out from computer paper to make a quick template.

Size the font to your liking.  I made the “G” 430 pt font so that it would be seen easily when hung up.

Print out the letter (or letters, if making a banner) on white computer paper and cut it out with scissors. 

Instructions for cardboard filler:

Trace the letter onto a piece of thin cardboard, and cut the letter out.  You can use a cereal box or old packaging for the cardboard.  It’s a great way to recycle!  Then cut the letter shape out of two stacked pieces of felt, as directed below.

If you opt to stuff the letter instead, as I did, pin the paper cut-out onto two stacked sheets of felt and cut two uniform letters from the felt.  Make sure that the letters are slightly bigger than the paper template letter all the way around.

Here is the "G" pinned on two pieces of purple felt and cut out. I like to leave the pins in as I start sewing.

Decorate the front and back pieces by using a needle and thread to sew on accents like buttons, beads, felt scraps, and patches or using glitter glue and allowing it to dry.  I usually hand-sew most of my projects, and I like to use a simple running stitch or an overcast stitch.

This project is a great way to use up felt and fabric scraps or unusual colors of thread or floss.

Once the felt letter is decorated, sew the two felt pieces together with the cardboard cut-out in the middle to provide support, if using.

If you prefer, you can stuff the inside of the letter with fiber-fill or cotton balls.  I use a the eraser end of a pencil or the bottom of a pen to work the stuffing into the curves and corners.

To make a hanger for the top of the letter, cut a length of ribbon.  Tie the ends into a bow and secure the bottom of the looped ribbon inside the top of the felt letter and sew it closed.  You can add extra ribbon for decoration, if desired.

This is the ribbon I used, it's just big enough to fit around a doorknob.

Now the letter is ready to hang up!