Great Kitchen Tools: Hand-Held Mandoline

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m really into kitchen gadgets. Not necessarily the counter-hogging mini appliances, but the hand tools, like the pastry scraper and the spider skimmer.

One of the more recent tools in my collection is a hand-held mandoline. For around $5, this miniature version of the larger slicing tool will quickly make uniform shapes of a single thickness without the assembly or clean up needed for a traditional mandoline.

The hand-held mandoline takes just a moment to clean since there are only two small parts: the handled blade/base and a grip that can be attached to food to hold it in place while slicing. It is similar in size to a microplane grater.

I like to use my little mandoline for scalloped potatoes, carrots and celery in soups, fruit slices for ice cream or pies, and perfectly thin potato chips like my Sweet Potato Chips.