A Very Refreshing Way to Recycle

I like to think that I’m helping the environment by recycling as much as possible. At the end of last year, a friend showed me one of her favorite things: a plastic, insulated tumbler complete with a screw-on lid and reusable straw.

A ton of tumblers.

A week or so later, after a particularly bumpy car ride during which I attempted to drink tea from a very full plastic glass, only to have it slosh in my face, I realized I desperately needed a plastic tumbler of my own.

As luck would have it, I was able to take full advantage of the after holiday sales and buy a few tumblers (for about $5 each) — I even got “his” and “hers” colors so that mon mari and I can tell our cups apart.

I am not even ashamed to admit that we have used our tumblers for water and other cool drinks every day since we bought them. They fit perfectly in a cup-holder, and do not allow condensation, which I love. They are also BPA-free.

What a great way to do something good for the planet while keeping my cold beverages in check!