I was digging around in my office drawers going through the mountain of papers I always seem to have, when I saw several disjointed pages of a Sudoku book and a couple of old sheets of word-find puzzles.

I didn’t want to throw them away, but I also don’t care for Sudoku, so I thought I could recycle the pages into engaging wrapping paper for small gifts.

The pages of a coloring book are another option for recycled wrapping paper, especially for children’s gifts or a doodling friend!

I remember receiving a gift many years ago from my childhood best friend that she had lovingly wrapped in SEVERAL layers of comic strips from the newspaper.  As I unwrapped them, she had written little notes on the newspaper to taunt me… “You’re not there yet…”  “Getting closer…” until I finally reached the gift inside!

One bit of advice: be careful what you choose to wrap in activity book pages — they are obviously not as strong as regular wrapping paper, and can tear if they are pulled or folded over sharp edges.  If you want to go for extra whimsy, attach a mini pencil or a crayon to the gift tag or package with a bit of ribbon!