Simple Lighting Swap

The New Year has scarcely begun and I’m already planning home makeovers: refitting a few closets with organizers, changing our fireplace, and painting our bathroom and garage.

All of these projects will take a weekend, or at the very least, a productive Saturday afternoon. But one of my favorite quick fixes at home involves a simple lighting swap. A new light fixture can completely change the look of a room in an hour or so!

Many light fixtures are very simple to install, and can easily be switched in and out as individual lighting needs and decor styles change with time. We installed a beautiful bronze pendant light a few months ago and it has completely updated our entryway.

For additional help, consult a lighting expert at your local hardware store or a qualified electrician with questions about feasibility and installation.

As a final tip, if you opt to update any fixtures in your home, don’t forget to add a bit of fresh paint to the area where the old fixture was hung for color uniformity. Sometimes, the bases of lighting fixtures can vary in size, and leave a discolored ring behind on the ceiling or wall.

One great solution for re-painting ceilings is to use a brand of paint that goes on colored and then changes to white as it dries. This type of paint insures even coverage, and prevents an “Oops, I missed that spot!” moment.