DIY Wire Napkin Rings

These are part of a set of wire napkin rings that I made using just a few supplies: jewelry wire, crimp beads, decorative beads, charms, and a narrow needle-nose pliers.

It is easy to make napkin rings in mere minutes!

Begin by cutting a long coil of jewelry wire.  I used a rolled-up napkin to estimate the right size.

Then, string the crimp beads, beads, and charms onto the jewelry wire coil to achieve the look you desire.  I staggered the beads every so often on the front side of the coiled wire circles.

Finally, pinch a crimp bead on either end with the pliers to keep each group of beads/charms in place.

See the wire wrapped around?

Once the wire coil has been beaded, use a smaller piece of wire to loop around each wire in the back of the coil and secure the ends.  See photo.  If needed, use a narrow, needle-nose pliers to wrap the wire and dispense with any sharp ends.

Then, the napkin rings are ready to use!