Resolutions at Home

The end of the year is just days away, and everyone is thinking about making resolutions.

All I can think about are the projects and goals I let slip as this year wore on. I decided to make a checklist for myself to be a little more accountable (and productive!) at home in the New Year:

  Devise a better way to organize my crafting supplies in the limited space I have. If the method works well, share it with others.

  Cook at least four items from my Culinary Bucket List.

  Find or make a large red pillow (with an interesting shape or design) for winter decorating.

  Take an art class.

  Plant a herb and vegetable garden. Be diligent.

  Find the perfect table lamp for my office. I’m picky…

  Explore new cocktails.

  Grill my food as much as possible.

♦  Make over my fireplace and mantle.