Quick Tip: How to Crack an Egg

A few months ago, I heard a wonderful tip that made me realize that I have been cracking eggs incorrectly my whole life. I wish I could remember where I heard the tip from, but I’m still in a post-holiday fog.

Perhaps this tip will make baking and preparing breakfasts easier for you, too! It really is the little things, after all…

When cracking an egg, do not crack the shell open on the edge of a bowl. This increases the likelihood of shell remnants winding up in the bowl, and/or a broken yolk. Rather, crack the egg on a flat surface like a cutting board or a counter-top to preserve the egg.

I also think that cracking eggs open on a flat surface makes them easier to separate for recipes that call for yolks or whites. I used this tip in all my holiday baking and it worked wonderfully!