Handmade Cork Coasters

Earlier this month, I learned about decoupage and collage from my good friend Megan.  Ever since then, I have been stocking up on supplies and brainstorming ideas to create handmade coasters.

I gave these coasters to two relatives for Christmas gifts this year, but I thought I would share them here, too.

For the bases, I bought cork rounds that are used underneath plants.  The small rounds are a little over $1 each in the floral section of home improvement stores.  One side is cork, which I placed face-down to protect surfaces.  The other side is flat, firm, and cardboard-like — perfect for decoupage!

Decorate each coaster with paper cut-outs, postage stamps, words, transfers, craft paint, and glitter.  Secure any decorative items to the coaster with several coats of decoupage glue to seal them and create a clear finish.