Another Holiday Over

‘Twas the evening of Christmas,

and all through La Maison,

every creature was stirring:

talking, eating, drinking, and having fun.

A slew of jolly relatives were there,

joking and bantering without a care.

I, in my holiday finery,

my family looking spiffy,

I headed to the kitchen,

to fill my plate in a jiffy.

As I approached the buffet,

my eyes flew open wide,

a whole array of goodies were there:

spinach dip, cookies, salami, olive tapenade, and pavlova besides!

I eagery piled my plate, up and up,

and chose a cold beverage to fill my cup,

then in by the fireplace I went with my spread,

beloved holiday memories dancing in my head.

As the evening wore on,

and stories were told,

a warm, fuzzy feeling enveloped us all,

the young and the old.

Another Merry Christmas has passed,

the year of 2011 is nearly done,

here’s to hoping that your holiday…

was a happy, safe one!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!  ~MV